hi, i'm chromu! woiii

I'm an artist and I like streaming on twitch in my free time.

i'll be updating this site as i think of things, so be sure to check back!

I am primarily using vgen's platform for commissions at the moment!

Please click here to go to vgen.co/chromu instead.

This page will remain up because it provides other information about services that may not be open on my vgen at the moment, although certain info may be out of date. You can still contact me via the form on the following page!

Commission Terms of Service


1. Contact me via email or commission form with references included and as many details as you have for your commission.
2. If I am interested in your commission, I will respond with any questions I may have.
3. Once we reach an agreement I will send an invoice via Paypal. Payment is paid in full before I begin working. (In certain cases I may offer a 50% upfront 50% when complete payment plan.)
4. I begin working on your commission and send it to you when complete. I offer small revisions for free up to two times, unless you order a skeb style commission which will receive no revisions.

(If I am not interested in your commission or cannot provide the work you want, I may respond to let you know or I may not respond if I am very busy - I'm sorry! Your interest means a lot to me)


Q: Can i commission NSFW?
A: You can ask, but I typically only do female illustrations. Suggestive is generally fine.
Q: How long will my commission take?
A: That depends on a lot of things, but if you need it by a certain deadline let me know and I will work with you. I can take anywhere from a week to a multiple months. I can do rush orders (less than a week) for a fee.


  • Client will not contact Chromu for updates within 1 month of the commission being accepted, unless we have agreed on a deadline.

  • Client will not resell Chromu's artwork without her consent.

  • Client will not claim the artwork as your own. Will not trace it for any purposes.

  • Client will not make edits to chromu's artwork without permission. (Using it for thumbnails, flipping it, removing the background, putting a filter etc is fine, but redrawing over the actual drawing is not.)

  • I do not send WIPS unless requested when we are negotiating the commission.

  • I reserve the right to post your commission online unless we agree that I will not and you pay a private commission fee.

  • I DO NOT offer refunds in any cases unless I decide I cannot complete a commission. If I cannot complete the commission I will issue a full refund.

  • Your commission is for personal use only unless you pay a commercial rights fee. (Typically price*150%)

  • Major changes to a completed commission will incur a fee per change.

What you will receive:

Illustrations - you will receive a high quality png of the artwork.
Animations - you will receive a gif, mp4, or .avi file depending on the nature of your commission.
Live2D Models - You will receive a .psd containing the model completely separated and ready to rig. If I am also rigging it then you will receive the complete model and Live2d Cubism files with no artwork PSD.

All prices are in USD. Commercial rate = price +50%
These are base prices! Your request may have additional fees depending on the content.

MS Paint Commissions

with background - $90

simple - $45

Illustration Commissions

chibi - $50

Style A

Style B

emotes - $30 each

Please ask if you want something you don't see here!

full body - $100

Animation Commissions

simple gif - $50

Vtuber Model / Rig

art: $300 rig: $300 = $600 total!
(may be subject to extra costs)

Submit a commission inquiry here!

I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.
Please make sure to read my terms of service before requesting a commission. Thank you!

fanart tag: #woillustration

Trashcat by chromuchromu

Trashcat alt outfit by Niya

Trashcat often wears other clothes!

Trashcat References and Info

What kind of animal is she? She's a trashcat!
Trashcats have round ears and long fluffy tails. She is NOT a cat, squirrel, ferret, bear, racoon, etc.

Trashcat is 140 cm tall.
She is petite and flat chested.
It is very important that the bow stays on her head always.I like having new outfits designed for me, or you can choose from my existing outfits/accessorize them.Please make sure you don't forget my ears or tail. They're important!!!

Fanart/Commission Guidelines

I'm okay with NSFW fanart or commissions as long as they're solo or the male is a fat ugly guy, faceless, or an animal/creature. Disembodied weenies are fine.
Here is a link to a tierlist of NSFW things I like or don't like.
My R18 art tag is #chromuoh. It's okay to tag me on R18 fanart too because not all of them show in my tag for some reason.
-Please make sure to respect the rules about my bow, ears and tail, and flat chest.
I love cute artwork and I love nsfw artwork! It will all make me happy!
If you commission or draw something I'm uncomfortable with I will probably not respond, thank you for understanding.

Trashcat (old art by me)

This is a Chromie

Chromie Info

Chromies are a part of the trashcat species! They're also what I call you guys.
Just like trashcat, it's important that chromies have a bow on their head.
Chromies are kept as pets by Trashcat.
Sometimes they wear socks.

If you need to contact me for something else, please use this form! (Work inquiries only)